At BOTECH our motto is continuous innovation in a rapidly changing environment where we cannot stop for a second. Therefore, we are continuously working to provide our clients with services that are fully adapted to their needs and 100% managed by a world-class team of experts.

ISOPH – maximum protection for the cloud, your endpoint and your browsing

A set of technologies to prevent, detect and respond to threats from real attackers.

pentesting, vulnerability management and audit oriented to MITRE ATT&CK

No matter what your sector of activity, your organization is also in the spotlight. Service paralysis, incalculable economic losses, loss of reputation and image…
ISOPH Pro offers the advantage of testing that is totally safe and does not pose any risk or harm to the company. It lets you know exactly which vulnerabilities need to be addressed most urgently by prioritizing patching and making security a measurable, resource-efficient and risk-oriented process.

navigate safely thanks to advanced intelligence

Protect your organization against phishing and fraudulent pages with authentication solutions.
Every time you enter a URL, the system analyzes it to check its legitimacy and allow you to browse safely and securely.
A work that allows to know if the page that you want to visit is fraudulent, is included in some black list or if it has homoglyphs.
ISOPH DNS is a cutting-edge technology fully customized and adaptable to different markets and major threats today.

ISOPH Community, free technology oriented to companies, SMEs and freelancers so they can know the security of their equipment

This free technology, ISOPH Community, downloadable at, allows you to know the vulnerabilities of the computer where it is installed and provides valuable information to know its security status allowing you to take measures to avoid incidents.
ISOPH facilitates the ‘diagnosis’ of your equipment so that you can take the appropriate measures, solve its vulnerabilities and have your equipment 100% secure.

BOTECH Android Forensics Analytics: Free Forensics application to protect Android devices

The application, that is free on Play Store, makes a rapid analysis of the Android device and advises if it has been, or could be, exposed to an attack or vulnerability.

BOTECH Android Forensics Analytics becomes an indispensable service for organizations by providing information on the source of incidents to take the necessary precautionary measures and avoid future attacks that may affect the device and your personal and corporate information.

AXAN, technological innovation for the security of Android, Windows and Linux devices

This is an in-depth analysis through which it is possible to know if a device has been exposed to an attack or vulnerability and to take the appropriate measures to avoid future incidents.

AXAN becomes an essential service for organizations. This service combines latest technology with a team of international experts in forensic analysis, to provide information on the origin of incidents, allowing the necessary precautionary measures to be taken to prevent future attacks that may affect the organization, both economically and in terms of reputation.