At BOTECH our motto is continuous innovation in a rapidly changing environment where we cannot stop for a second. Therefore, we are continuously working to provide our clients with services that are fully adapted to their needs and 100% managed by a world-class team of experts.

Safety in the workplace

ISOPH gives you continuous knowledge of the vulnerabilities that your company’s systems present. A low-cost, low-impact service that provides information, almost in real time, on the vulnerabilities and solutions associated with all protected systems.
By managing vulnerabilities and threats on an ongoing basis, you can prioritize patching and mitigate risk.

ISOPH provides answers to the major questions of operational cybersecurity:

  • How long have I been vulnerable to ransomware?.
  • What systems will be a gateway to the next incident?.
  • What can I do about it?.
  • How much is it going to cost me? How can I limit costs in cyber security?.

BOTECH Android Forensics Analytics: Free Forensics application to protect Android devices

The application, that is free on Play Store, makes a rapid analysis of the Android device and advises if it has been, or could be, exposed to an attack or vulnerability.

BOTECH Android Forensics Analytics becomes an indispensable service for organizations by providing information on the source of incidents to take the necessary precautionary measures and avoid future attacks that may affect the device and your personal and corporate information.


AXAN, technological innovation for the security of Android, Windows and Linux devices

This is an in-depth analysis through which it is possible to know if a device has been exposed to an attack or vulnerability and to take the appropriate measures to avoid future incidents.

AXAN becomes an essential service for organizations. This service combines latest technology with a team of international experts in forensic analysis, to provide information on the origin of incidents, allowing the necessary precautionary measures to be taken to prevent future attacks that may affect the organization, both economically and in terms of reputation.