These are some of the partners with whom we work

Telefónica and BOTECH

United to fight fraud in the banking sector

Gm Sectec, a reference in the cybersecurity industry for PCI-DSS certifications for more than a decade in the US and Latin America.

Cleafy’s innovative threat-detection and cyber-attack protection technology allow our customers to protect their online services and avoid fraud

CounterCraft, a leader in Europe, is the pioneer counterintelligence company in the field of cybersecurity for cyber-attack management.

Devo is a cloud-based Big Data platform that enables businesses of any size to gain real-time business and operational intelligence. products deliver an end-to-end fraud defence, protecting the customer digital journey via three integrated products: Udentify, aiReflex  and  fcase

Kymatio, a pioneer provider of internal hazard prevention (insider) and targeted employee reinforcement services.

Telefónica, a leading worldwide telecommunications company, and BOTECH join forces to provide their clients disruptive cybersecurity solutions.

BOTECH is an RSA Gold Partner and relies on its services to create a very powerful detection and closure solution for online threats.

Panda Security specializes in the creation of informatic security solutions and the creation of anti-virus software.

The cloud security platform that provides enterprise-native solutions for data protection and defense against threats in the cloud and the web.

Softtek and BOTECH combine their capabilities to enhance cybersecurity and combat fraud, offering the most complete and effective offer to their clients.

Know How Millenium company provides professional services in the areas of Information Technology, Cybersecurity and Cyberintelligence since 1998. Its services allow clients’ growth and prepare them to address a hyperconnected digital future.

SEON, experts in the creation of safer environments for businesses, carries out its activities online.

SkyBox Security, a leader in comprehensive cybersecurity solutions

Social Brains is the prime consultant on Social Intelligence. Listen to what is said on the Internet about your brand and the competition through continuous monitoring.

BOTECH and Virtual Care collaborate to bring cybersecurity and cyber-intelligence to households and SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises).

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Entrepreneurial project award

Awarded by La Asociación de Empresarios de Tres Cantos (Tres Cantos Entrepreneurs Association) during the 2nd Edition of the 2017 Business Awards.

European Stamp Of Excellence

After successfully passing the evaluation of that Commission and a subsequent evaluation by independent experts, our Global Attacks Prediction System (GAPS) project was rated as one of the best proposals within the European Community.

Innovative SME Award

This seal has been granted to the company until September 2022 thanks to the development of the project “Automatic Monitoring Systems for Malware and Botnets, their Behavior and Countermeasures for Associated Cyber Threats”.

Best Iberia Partner

RSA, international reference in the area of fraud prevention, has awarded us as “Best Iberia Partner 2018” an honor for us to be recognized by a fraud reference.

Award for Excellence in Cybersecurity

Awarded by Capital Radio during its 4th Edition. Awards that recognize the excellence achieved by companies capable of enriching the country’s economy and generating a positive change in society.

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