Pentesting, Vulnerability Management and Audit oriented to MITRE ATT&CK to mitigate the exposure of companies to incidents and security breaches due to their increased presence in the digital world.

Avoid losses due to cybersecurity incidents.

Multiple forms of alert.

Identify and mitigate vulnerabilities in record time.

Establish priorities for action.

Windows, Linux and Mac home software.

The most solid, evolved and effective open source solutions.

What is and how does ISOPH PRO work?

Isoph Pro

ISOPH PRO is an annual subscription technology provided by BOTECH that extends ISOPH COMMUNITY solutions, through a proprietary software for Windows, Linux and Mac, providing you with regular reports and urgent alerts on vulnerabilities in your systems and websites, CMDB/inventory control, business processes and applications, IRM, RGPD and compliance level and GRC. In addition, BOTECH offers you a team of consultants to support you in your CYBERSECURITY needs.

How does ISOPH PRO work?

ISOPH PRO performs tests that are totally safe and do not pose any risk or harm to the company. Its technology makes it possible to know exactly which vulnerabilities need to be addressed most urgently by prioritizing patching and making security a measurable, resource-efficient, and risk mitigation oriented process.

ISOPH technology is compatible with and enhances all security technologies through the exploitation of System logs, Antivirus, Firewalls and all features already installed that are made available to provide complete protection following the ATT&CK, and CSC20 frameworks.

A technology that integrates, optimizes and correctly configures the enormous volume of security information (Big Data) produced by the systems and applications in a Datalake, multiplying the response capacity and reducing costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does your organization need ISOPH PRO?

Continuous attacks to kidnap data for ransom are one of the main concerns for all organizations. No matter your sector of activity, your organization is also in the spotlight. The rapid increase in the number of virtual attacks is surprising not only companies of all sectors but also cybersecurity professionals.

Shutdown of services, incalculable economic losses, loss of reputation, and image… There is no doubt that 2019 has been a particularly relevant year in terms of data breaches and leaks (the Spanish Data Protection Agency alone has received around 1,300 notifications), and as Forrester points out, ransomware cyber-attacks on companies have increased by 500% over the last 12 months.

What does ISOPH PRO continuous pentesting technology do?

It is in this context of increasing cyberattacks, is where ISOPH PRO technology becomes necessary, we would even dare say obligatory. This continuous pentesting technology offers the advantage of testing that is totally safe and does not pose any risk or harm to the company.

The evolution of the industry has only reinforced the need for this service, where environments are mutating faster and faster and continuous monitoring is necessary to detect potential vulnerabilities in the systems, in the servers where they keep all the information or even in the structure of the corporate network.

What are the benefits of this technology?

ISOPH technology provides immediate and continuous results and alerts. An essential continuity to know perfectly the state of the security of the organization which allows to take measures to remedy problems instantly.
An organization that is aware of its vulnerabilities at all times can:

  • Identify the vulnerabilities that are present and of greatest risk to your organization and mitigate them before an attacker takes advantage.
  • Know if your assets are in danger.
  • Have fundamental visibility of the IT environment of your exposed surface.
  • Establish an order of priority when addressing vulnerabilities.
  • Take steps to address vulnerabilities and avoid both economic and reputational losses.
  • Get immediate realistic results and comprehensive recommendations.
  • It provides you with multiple forms of alertness: App, Messaging, Mail, Web and API.
  • As it is a massive cloud service, the costs are much lower than those of classic pentesting.

What does this technology do?

Based on open source and the extensive cybersecurity experience of the BOTECH team of experts, ISOPH provides answers to the major questions of operational cybersecurity:

  • How long have I been vulnerable to ransomware?.
  • What systems will be a gateway to the next incident?.
  • What can I do about it?.
  • How much is it going to cost me? How can I limit costs in cyber security?.


ISOPH PRO and VULNERABILITY support without antivirus installation on the computer.

(*): To remove it from quarantine and install it we must follow the following steps.
1- Access Panda Dome and click on ‘view summary’.
2- When we are inside the summary we click on ‘view report’.
3- Once inside the report we must go to ‘Quarantine’.
4- Finally, once inside the quarantine we must click on ‘recover file’ and when the window of unblocking
element appears we must click on ‘Yes, I want to continue’.

What service modes does ISOPH PRO offer according to the type of organization to which it is applied?


The Software, oriented to small companies, which provides basic security at a very low cost. In a simple way, with only two clicks and a form you can know which are the vulnerabilities of Windows, Mac and Linux systems in a simple and understandable way. Information that guides you to take the necessary steps for your organization to avoid the next ransomware.

  • Download and install our software.
  • The software will communicate with BOTECH´s cloaud.
  • Our expert team will verify your vulnerabilities.
  • We will alert you about vulnerabilities and we will inform you about all necessary tasks to solve them.
Isoph Pro modelo Agente

Virtual Appliance Model

The VIRTUAL APPLIANCE MODEL is a service aimed at the medium sized company that allows security managers to have a complete continuous pentesting system at a very low cost.

It supports all architectures with a virtual appliance, and in addition to platform vulnerability coverage provides electronic network verification and perimeter security products, security policies, anomalies, user information and security logs.

A technology allows to obtain the necessary information to be able to know, almost in real time, the state of the vulnerabilities of the systems.

  • Download and install a virtual image for VMWare and VirtualBox. We offer you remote support!.
  • Set up access to your systems in the virtual appliance. We offer you remote support!.
  • Our expert team will verify you vulnerabilities.
  • We will alert you about vulnerabilities and will inform you about all necessary tasks to solve them.
Isoph Pro modelo Agente

With an antivirus alone, you can no longer protect your organization from the most sophisticated incidents. ISOPH provides you with the information you need to keep your organization safe. Contact us!

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