Technological innovation for maximum security of your Android devices, which have become a priority target for cybercriminals.
Unauthorized access, data destruction, malicious code, computer sabotage, abnormal system behavior … these are just some of the incidents that ISOPH MOBILE protects against.

Continuously detects vulnerabilities and the most sophisticated threats on your devices.

Indispensable service for the protection of corporate devices.

Avoid economic and reputation losses due to security incidents.

What is ISOPH MOBILE and how does it work?

ISOPH MOBILE is BOTECH’s new cutting-edge technology that performs a quick in-depth analysis of your Android devices and lets you know if the terminal has been exposed to an attack or vulnerability. ISOPH MOBILE becomes an essential service in any of its three versions: FREE, ENTERPRISE and EXECUTIVE.

This service combines latest technology with a team of international experts in forensic analysis, providing as much information as possible about the type of malware, where it came from and how it got in, allowing the necessary precautionary measures to be taken to prevent future attacks that may affect the organization, both economically and in terms of reputation.


In-depth analysis of your device that lets you know if it has been exposed to an attack or vulnerability so you can take appropriate measures to prevent future incidents.


Detailed analysis of a number of devices to determine their security status based on a risk scale so that you can implement measures to increase.


Continuous service of the security status of your organization’s devices that provides you with malware experts to solve any incident or vulnerability at maximum speed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main benefit of ISOPH MOBILE?

Having a secure device in place to avoid the risk of a security incident.

What does it do?

It performs a detailed study of the device to detect if it has been, or is exposed to any vulnerability or security incident.

Who is this technology for?

To any person or organization working with Android devices as any of them can be the victim of a security incident and compromise all the information they contain.

When should this in-depth analysis be done?

The 3 ISOPH Mobile solutions offer you different types of analysis and periodicity of analysis:

  • Free: an analysis that you can do yourself on a regular basis or when you detect that applications and utilities of the operating system are behaving abnormally.
  • Executive: when you believe that the company’s corporate accounts may be compromised and be part of a leak, it is time to perform a detailed analysis of the devices to know their status and implement security measures.
  • Enterprise: With this solution, you will not have to worry about the security of your device because the technology continuously monitors the security status of your device without the user having to do anything.

What does this type of service protect my device against?

  • Incidents of malicious code, unauthorized access, inappropriate use…
  • Leakage of confidential documents.
  • Abnormal system behaviors.
  • Data destruction.
  • Attacks against intellectual property, against the right to privacy and future attacks.
  • Computer sabotage.
  • Computer fraud.

What are the consequences of not anticipating a security incident?

In addition to the image and reputation consequences, financial consequences must also be taken into account as a cybersecurity incident can lead to the blocking of a service for a certain period of time.

I already have an anti-virus installed on my terminal, why should I be interested in ISOPH MOBILE?

In addition to the most common malware, those who detect antivirus, this technology tracks the most sophisticated malware that usually goes unnoticed by the most common protection systems.

ISOPH MOBILE performs an exhaustive analysis of the terminal and all this information, analyzed by the BOTECH team of experts, allows reports to be sent to the user’s email address which includes what has been detected.

Maximum security for your Android terminals.