ISOPH Domain Name
System Protection

Forget about phishing and fraudulent pages and enjoy safe and reliable surfing with ISOPH DNS Protection.

Did you know that four out of five organizations have suffered DNS attacks by 2019, with an average cost of 568,459 euros each in Spain and 840,000 worldwide?.

Incorporate ISOPH DNS Protection as a critical piece of your network architecture.

Ad-hoc security for your navigation.

Set it up and enjoy a safe surfing experience.

Prevents falls and service interruptions.

PLN technology to automatically detect unknown phishing.

Forget about phishing, malware infecting you, or ransomware encrypting your computers.

Algorithms + Machine Learning at the service of your browsing security.

What is ISOPH DNS Protection and how does it work?

ISOPH DNS (Domain Name System) Protection is a BOTECH cloud technology that, using artificial intelligence systems, proprietary intelligence sources and the most advanced data science algorithms, monitors in real time the communications of your systems by blocking the main threats and hacking techniques.

Every time you enter a URL, the system analyzes it to check its legitimacy and allow you to browse safely and without risk. A job that lets you know if the page you want to visit is fraudulent, blacklisted or has homogeneous content.

  1. The system makes a request against a domain.
  2. ISOPH DNS consults BOTECH’s own intelligence sources.
  3. ISOPH performs a filtering associated with risk scoring by type of customer and infrastructure.
  4. The system is protected at the perimeter level.

ISOPH DNS Protection is a cutting-edge technology that is fully customised, at the most competitive price on the market. A solution that can be adapted to different markets and to the main current threats.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main benefit of ISOPH DNS Protection?

A safe navigation that avoids phishing and service drops and interruptions.

Why should I choose this technology over similar ones from other companies?

ISOPH DNS Protection is a cutting-edge technology totally customized, at the most competitive price in the market. A solution adaptable to different markets and to the main current threats.

Who is this technology for?

It is a technology that allows you to navigate in a safe and reliable way and it is aimed at small and medium sized companies concerned about phishing, malware and ransomware.

Are there many DNS attacks these days?

It is estimated that organizations from all sectors of the industry have suffered up to 9.5 attacks on average during 2019, although in Spain the figure is 7.45.

What market need does it cover?

The main need covered by ISOPH DNS Protection technology is to enable safe Internet browsing through blacklists and automatic intelligence based on machine learning and PLN (Natural Language Processing) technology.

What consequences can this type of incident have?

In addition to the image and reputation consequences, financial consequences must be taken into account, as an incident of this type can lead to the blocking of a service for a certain period of time.

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