Free technology oriented to companies, SMEs, freelancers

Prevents losses due to security incidents

Facilitates the “diagnosis” of your computer so you can take appropriate measures to address their vulnerabilities and have your computer safe and 100%

Free technology


ISOPH COMMUNITY allows you to know the vulnerabilities that your computer presents.

A free technology that provides valuable information to obtain the security status of the equipment from which you are working, allowing you to take measures to avoid incidents.

Common Questions

Where can I download for free ISOPH COMMUNITY?

Who is this technology for?

This free technology is aimed at companies, SMEs, and freelancers so they can follow the security of their computers.

Why would I be interested in downloading this free program?

In the last few months, the use of websites, social networks, messaging programs, etc. have shot up significantly. But this increase has also provided a new opportunity for cybercrime, which takes advantage of the high exposure time, and of a user who is less alert and can therefore be subject to more attacks across all possible points.

If we look at the work environment, the issue becomes even more complicated. With the increase of remote working, many users are using their personal devices for business matters, meaning less security and downloading programs that are not 100% reliable. Result: equipment dangerously exposed to both personal and corporate data theft.

ISOPH technology, which can be downloaded at, allows you to discover the equipment’s vulnerabilities on which it is installed, facilitating its “diagnosis” so that you can take the appropriate measures, solve the vulnerabilities and keep your equipment 100% secure.

With an antivirus alone, you can no longer protect your organization from the most sophisticated incidents. Contact us!

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