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ISOPH DNS (Domain Name System) Protection is a BOTECH cloud technology that, using artificial intelligence systems, proprietary intelligence sources and the most advanced data science algorithms, monitors in real time the communications of your systems by blocking the main threats and hacking techniques.

ISOPH FIM (File Integrity Monitoring) is a cloud technology that performs continuous monitoring of our files which allows us to know if they have suffered any unauthorized and unexpected changes.

This file integrity scanner allows organizations to anticipate and prevent potential attacks and security breaches.

This service, based on the ISOPH suite of solutions, helps you to keep your systems up to date and patched. It consists of continuous monitoring of vulnerabilities and periodic receipt of reports indicating whether there are any exploitable flaws in the protected systems.

ISOPH MOBILE is BOTECH’s new cutting-edge technology that performs a quick in-depth analysis of your Android devices and lets you know if the terminal has been exposed to an attack or vulnerability. ISOPH MOBILE becomes an essential service in any of its three versions: FREE, ENTERPRISE and EXECUTIVE.

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