In a hyper-connected world in which each point of information is part of the whole, where all the opinions have weight, and where each data is fundamental, it is crutial for your survival to know the information on your organization at every moment.

One data, without much relevance, can be the entry point for an attack. A name or an email can be the first evidence used to obtain access to your system. It is important to remember that each uncontrolled data can be used against your organization.

BOTECH offers counter-intelligence services to collect and evaluate the information that can be found on the network.


The phishing detection service finds illegitimate or phishing domains through the constant monitoring of the networks with our powerful tools based on Machine Learning.

The monitoring tools are continuously fed with filters and keywords that are translated into warnings, which, by means of a prior effort of filtering and review, allow the detection of phishing at an early stage.

Once the phishing is located, the Social Media & Intelligence team informs the client by email or a detailed report.


As a reply to our clients’ problem regarding phishing, BOTECH created a technology for the automatic creation of domains that can be used to replace your identity, based on Artificial Intelligence.

All generated domains are continuously monitored, creating a warning upon their activation and another when the domain is converted to phishing.

For optimal service, BOTECH should have access to the client’s server web logs to aid detection on the base of the activity patterns of the Phishing Kits that leave traces in the logs of whatever entity.


Our Social Media & Intelligence team uses an alarm system to monitor Unofficial markets continuously and locate apps from our clients.

Once the legitimate app from our client is located, our experts will immediately inform the client about this issue by e-mail. In addition, after this first urgent warning, the client will receive an encrypted report with more thoroughly analyzed information.

The removal of the app would be required if, after analyzing it, we conclude that it is malware and not the original app from the client.


We are aware of the damage that the leak of sensitive information may cause to the finances and reputation of an organization, therefore, we developed this service which offers the best results available in the market.

All the information about the methods used to steal and store the information will be incorporated into our intelligence database with the purpose of providing knowledge in future cases. It is also indexed with other sensors which add extra value.


After continuous tracking of the Internet, BOTECH gathers information to present to its client to improve its cybernetic security systems.

This innovative service is based on Big Data and Deep Learning technologies. All the information gathered around the world is clustered to aid the client in making decisions related to factors that the client considers important in each case.

The enormous quantity of information provided by the system is stored, processed, and indexed by our Big Data architecture, and, thanks to the Streaming service, we can present both historical and just-in-time information.


We perform extensive internet tracking in order to gather information and provide a detailed report to the client with recommendations for cyber security improvement.

Thanks to BOTECH’s large volume of historical data, collected data can be crossed and indexed temporarily. Besides, an accurate analysis overseen by Deep Learning allows us to obtain information regarding similar cases and to determine if we are dealing with an organized campaign.

Our business services help companies to work intelligently, efficiently and productively