Corporate Social Responsibility

Definition and Scope BOTECH defines its Corporate Social Responsibility as a voluntary and strategic commitment that corresponds to the impact of its activity on society and involves the achievement of its business objectives.

BOTECH’s Corporate Social Responsibility policy is based on the monitoring and implementation of a series of principles that allow the organization to continue to grow within a framework of respect and care for the stakeholders that surround us: customers, employees, suppliers and society.

Objective of the policy

Through its policy BOTECH must contribute to the following objectives: To develop its activity in an ethical, responsible and excellent way by placing people at the center of its purpose.

Promote sustainable development, generating trust from our stakeholders.
Promote a culture of responsible management with compliance with current legislation and with the control and management of risks derived from the business. Prevent and mitigate the negative impacts derived from its activity.

Improve reputation.

Principles of action.
This Corporate Social Responsibility policy establishes the basic principles to achieve the sustainable development of BOTECH, understanding this as a balanced growth in the economic, social and environmental dimensions, thus contributing to the increase of welfare and the real progress of present and future generations.

In this line, BOTECH’s Business Principles for the achievement of the objectives are:

To ethically manage our daily activity based on corporate values, the code of conduct and the compliance system. Identify and manage in advance the possible impacts resulting from our activity, whether of an economic, labor, ethical, environmental or social nature, in order to achieve a sustainable performance with a long-term vision.

Developing a management model based on continuous improvement and excellence in all our processes and activities. Promote the implementation of the best Corporate Governance practices, giving priority to transparency, risk management and ethics of BOTECH.

Commitments and responsible practices

In order to comply with the principles, we develop the following specific practices with our stakeholders:

BOTECH’s priority is to create tailor-made solutions for its customers. Building solid relationships based on trust and loyalty is fundamental.

From our relationship with our customers, the following stand out:

Quality of services and customer satisfaction.
Communication and transparency.
Excellence in service and correct treatment.
Value-added offer.
Innovation R+D+i.
Security and confidentiality.

2. Suppliers
In the process of satisfying customer needs, the organization has a key link formed by the set of suppliers: if they fail to provide products and/or services that meet the requirements, this will cause inconveniences that will be reflected in the final services provided to the customer.

That is why suppliers must comply with the premises of quality in the services and products they offer, be upright in their business practices, and strictly comply with the standards that regulate their activity.

3. Our team of professionals

Behind our services, there is our team of professionals that make possible the development and technological innovation that characterizes the organization, that is why from BOTECH we are committed to:

Respect diversity and promote equal opportunities, as well as non discrimination for reasons of gender, age, disability or any other circumstance. Promote work-life balance practices. Implement practices to guarantee the safety of the workforce and ensure the health of employees.

Promote the improvement and updating of knowledge and skills of our professionals through the training plan.

4. Society and the environment

Society in general plays a fundamental role in the business model and we work every day to promote a positive impact on it. That is why the actions carried out are periodically published on the corporate website and social networks, in addition to occasional appearances in various media.

BOTECH’s commitment to the environment and sustainability is based on the organization’s Environmental Policy, which is focused on promoting all those actions that favor the prevention, protection and conservation of the environment.

5. Respect for Human Rights

Apply the Human Rights Commitment in accordance with the International Bill of Human Rights, the United Nations Global Compact and the principles of conduct and recommendations for the conduct of business published by the United Nations, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development and the International Labor Organization.

Communication channels

BOTECH has multiple tools for communication, participation and dialogue with all stakeholders. These tools ensure that stakeholders have the appropriate channels to be addressed.

External channels include:

Corporate website:
Press releases.
Social and professional networks (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Youtube, etc).
Satisfaction surveys.
Attendance at events.
Telephones and mailboxes.
Emailing campaigns.
The main internal channels used by BOTECH are:

Corporate intranet.
Communications to employees.
Meetings and conferences.