Conscious of the complexity involved in cybersecurity, BOTECH offers a wide range of services that include all the related fields.


These range from the analysis of incidents, such as the remote forensic analysis – or android forensic -, the study of evidence – where the study of malware would be located -, to multidisciplinary training.

BOTECH accompanies its clients by adapting itself to every one of their requirements and advising them of each step, thanks to the experience we have gained over years of work and providing them with support in the critical cases that can affect their organization.


As a service of cybersecurity, we offer three types of Ethical Hacking that exist: White box, Grey box, and Black box.
The client decides which information to provide us to carry out the most real study possible.

We audit the security systems for possible external attacks, and we exploit these weaknesses to verify the levels of intrusion to which the analyzed information system is exposed.

We use cutting-edge tools, discover the weak points, and attack them by extracting if the client so decides, the organization’s information.


Our experts in informatic security, with multiple specialized areas of knowledge, generate tests of intrusion, both automatic and manual, to extract the necessary information and evaluate the suitability of the systems.

The most critical aspects of the system are analyzed by state-of-the-art technology to understand its weaknesses and provide precise solutions to the concrete case of each client.

During the study, our team is in continuous contact with the client to inform him of the different findings and critical vulnerabilities that should be addressed most urgently.


BOTECH applies different scientific and analytical techniques to identify and preserve the evidence after a cyber-attack, know the information that was compromised as well as the degree of damage inflicted.

A detailed report is prepared that reflects all the conclusions after an exhaustive analysis by our team of collegiate informatic legal experts and which has all the legal guarantees for the preparation of procedural rulings.

The evidence enters the chain of custody and is stored with the maximum guarantees from the first moment to avoid any contamination.


We identify samples in which our clients are the targets using a malware automatic analysis system, created by our widely experienced technicians.

Thanks to an initial analysis, applying techniques of reverse engineering, our team extracts all the necessary information to be able to detect it without mistake. Once studied its IOCs, its effectiveness, and its network frames, an algorithm is created for the detection and extraction of information. This algorithm is included in our system of malware analysis to study future samples automatically and to extract all the information related to our clients.

The continuous integration of our experts’ knowledge feeds this automatic system and adapts it to the current scene of the compromising agents of this type of cyberattacks. In the same way, by possessing a non-supervised learning module, the continuous analysis makes our system learn, obtain better detection ratios, and be able to extract the greatest information possible from each analyzed sample.
Furthermore, the platform on which all the architecture of the system is based was designed to have horizontal scalability of maximum amortization.


The objective of the Threat Hunting service is to minimize the impact of the security incidents through the reduction of the detection time and the optimization of the reply models.

BOTECH integrates into its clients a Threat Hunting and Investigation Service (THIS) that includes the monitoring of all the system activity in real-time, and with historical information that permits the detection and investigation of advanced attacks based on malware.