Module 1
Incident response and malware analysis

Get trained in the process of identifying and analyzing security incidents, as well as currently existing main malware. A 180-minute course.


  • Introduction to Malware*. any type of “malicious software” designed
    to infiltrate your device without your knowledge.
  • Security incident investigation.
  • Technical research.
  • Incident documentation.

Module 2
Identification of fraudulent applications, phishing sites and fraudulent profiles on social media

With this 90-minute training, you will learn how to detect fraudulent profiles on social networks, as well as how to act when faced with these profiles and how to remove them from the network.


  • Scope of application.
  • Official markets.
  • Unofficial markets.
  • Social networks.
    • Notification and closure of fraudulent profiles.

Module 3
Payment card concepts, terminology and ecosystems

In this 2-hour course, you will learn fundamental aspects to work with in the area of card fraud. You will learn the concepts and slang used in payment methods, the fraud patterns used, theft and counterfeiting techniques, and investigation guidelines.


  • Brief history of payment cards.
  • Slang in payment methods.
  • Fraud patterns.
  • Theft and counterfeiting techniques.
  • Research guidelines.

Module 4
Blockchain systems fundamentals

The modules of this 60-minute course will teach you important concepts such as symmetric and asymmetric cryptography and the fundamentals of cryptocurrencies and blockchain.


  • General Cryptography.
    • Symmetric/Asymmetric.
    • Other cryptographic tools.
    • Digital Certificates.
    • Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
    • Smartcards.
    • Security protocols (SSL, TLS, SET).
    • HSM.

Train your team so that they are not the weakest link in the security chain.
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