For a decade, BOTECH has been offering globally the most innovative cybersecurity, cyber intelligence, and anti-fraud services to offer our customers maximum security


Specialists in cybersecurity

As specialists in cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, big data, machine learning, remote banking fraud, card fraud, and payment methods, we monitor and protect our customers in real-time by reducing the risk of any incident.


Fully Adapted Services

Our services are tailored to the needs of each client and 100% managed by a world-class expert team.


BOTECH is one of the world’s leading fraud detection and prevention companies thanks to its extensive experience and continuous work with large financial institutions, the main targets of this type of incidents.

The continuous innovation of our team allows us to apply new technologies to respond to the new challenges posed by today’s sophisticated fraud techniques: state-of-the-art phishing detection tactics or fighting cyber-squatting thanks to machine learning.

After more than a decade dedicated to the financial sector, at BOTECH we have decided to apply our experience to protect other fields. Sectors such as online gaming, e-commerce, physical security or the insurance sector are some in which we currently apply our extensive experience to protect them with the latest innovations implemented inside and outside our organization.


GoNet Development Solution

We are born as a company.


52% growth

We achieved our first major project in the sector and increased our staff.



We implemented the first cybersecurity team.



We reinvented ourselves: GoNet FPI (Fraud Prevention & Intelligence).


Android Forensic Analytics

We created the Android Forensic Analytics App and participated in MWC & RSA Conference.


Botech FPI

We changed our name, but not our passion, and opened an office in Mexico.


Creation of ISOPH technology

We developed our suite of ISOPH solutions: PRO, FIM, DNS, Vulnerability, Mobile.


We continued growing

We opened an office in the United States.

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Entrepreneurial project award

Awarded by La Asociación de Empresarios de Tres Cantos (Tres Cantos Entrepreneurs Association) during the 2nd Edition of the 2017 Business Awards.

European Stamp Of Excellence

After successfully passing the evaluation of that Commission and a subsequent evaluation by independent experts, our Global Attacks Prediction System (GAPS) project was rated as one of the best proposals within the European Community.

Innovative SME Award

This seal has been awarded to the company until September 2022 thanks to the development of the project “Automatic Tracking Systems for Malware and Botnets, their Behavior and Countermeasures for Associated Cyber Threats”.

Best Iberia Partner

RSA, an international benchmark in the area of fraud prevention, has awarded us as “Best Iberia Partner 2018”, an honor for us to be recognized by a benchmark in fraud.

Cybersecurity Excellence Award

Awarded by Capital Radio during its IV Edition in 2021. These awards recognize the excellence achieved by companies capable of enriching the country’s economy and generating a positive change in society.

We help you work in a safe, smart, efficient and productive way.
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